Vamp ‘til Ready

Kylie’s Log Supplemental.

The way to Hell, it is said, is paved with good intentions. Mine for “Serendipity” was to publish a new Post weekly, hopefully on a Friday. Apologies, but this week, Life has intervened in various ways.

Some Good, Some Bad, Some Wonderful, Some Extremely Hopeful.

So, what do you want to hear first? The Good News or the Bad News? (A question my Parents used to ask us as kids when there was information to impart).

OK, let’s start with the Bad News.

Last Saturday night, I trod awkwardly on my left foot going down stairs. Not so serious, you might say. But, unfortunately, wrenched my left knee. Known for years, half-jokingly as “Kylie’s Gammy Knee”, long thought as simply an excuse to avoid onerous hill-climbing or excessive exercise. But in recent years, declared by medical professionals to have Genuine Issues.

So, I am fine if I stay still. I can walk slowly on the flat. So far, so good. But if I get up or down from a chair, attempt stairs, or bear any weight on the leg, I get shooting pain through the kneecap. Not good.

Sunday, co-incidentally, it was my turn to read the Lessons in church. I slowly, stiffly, proceeded up the aisle from the back. But, as luck would have it, there are just two stairs from the floor up to the Lectern. And afterwards down…wince…hop…a wry smile at the Pastor and The Pastor’s Son (who likes to keep Dad company in the front pew), then I stagger back again.

Great. So much for flying below the radar.

Ugly children

On the upside, Sunday was also our designated Mother’s Day. As a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, please refer to the one above….

Still, I thought I’d attempt my 3 days Instrumental Music teaching at school. I discovered the upside of being a semi-invalid was the reminder of what beautiful, giving, delightful students I have. My Year 8’s especially.

It could called “Slave Labour” but I prefer the term “Sub-contracting”…. of fetching and carrying, coffee-making, dishes-washing, furniture setting and re-setting, Score distributing, packing and unpacking of instruments cases, and the odd bit of actual Junior Teaching, it must be confessed.…

Well, if a more advanced student has already unpacked a tiny violin, tuned it, rosined the bow, found the 8- year-old’s correct page in the tutor book and commenced playing “Hot Cross Buns” with the little one, it’s fair to say “Carry On” for a few minutes? Isn’t it?

 At this point I would like to plead that, gammy knee or not, my Year 8’s were rewarded (bribed?) with chocolate and home baked cake….

Later in the week I had an MRI scan on my knee, and for those medically minded the diagnoses included “Severe full thickness cartilage loss of the medial femoral condyle and medial tibial plateau with progression of bone marrow oedema and large marginal osteophytes…Evolving subchondral cysts…Mild diffuse chondrosis of the lateral compartment …with chondral ulceration of the lateral facet of the patella” After carefully going through all this with my wonderful, patient doctor I looked at him to confirm: “It’s basically stuffed, right?” He nodded sadly…

Now to the “Good News”.

I’m feeling so uplifted and blessed that God has led two wonderful women to us. Joanna and Christina will be joining our Music Department soon. Both are warm, intelligent, eloquent, sparkling and passionate. Different to each other in perhaps character and outlook. Yet, even at first meeting, two people who we all immediately felt we wanted to work with, to be part of our team. Just their very presence gave me such optimism for the future, for the endless potential of what we can all do together.

I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on planning for next Tuesday 19th May, when members of the renowned Australian Chamber Orchestra will be conducting a Workshop at our School with members of my String Orchestra, joined by a handful of students from other schools. A real honour to be hosting such professionals and a unique opportunity for our students.

I’ve been “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s” with important aspects such as counting the number of music stands needed, plus organizing the all-important Morning Tea (including working out at what stage we should take and process the Hot Chocolate orders…). Oh yes. Plus teaching my String students a note or 1000 of the repertoire to be studied.

On the downside, in my exuberance over some of the above, I have ruffled the feathers of a couple of people very dear to me, for which I am truly sorry. The world is tilting back towards its true axis for one, and I’m sure the other situation can be righted due to the strength of our friendship, but healing is still needed. In the words of a beautiful, favourite hymn of mine: “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, Forgive our foolish ways.”

Latterly, I have been in further negotiations with a contact in Seattle, U.S.A. regarding a “World Tour’ by a prominent Professor of Violin. Looks like it will finally happen in May 2016. It seems the Agent considers me to be the Host of the Queensland leg. He was also most appreciative of me suggesting I could put him in touch with suitable people in Brisbane and Melbourne (so far he only “knows” me and someone at the Sydney Conservatorium.)


I’m still laughing at my elevation of status here, which has, I suspect, mainly come about through my persistence in keeping in contact with, and encouraging the Americans over a period of months.

Fortunately, the Australian music scene still has a good element of “Who You Know” in it, so…relatives, friends…anyone who is themselves or who has “Friends in High Places” in Brisbane or Melbourne, please send me your thoughts and suggestions!!

Finally, I spent the afternoon at the Hairdresser yesterday.

So I’m looking, as well as feeling, a little less Blonde.

The coming week looks to be a whirlwind, so, until next time…

“Vamp ‘til ready”…

Vamp til ready


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