Sun and Moon

Kylie’s Log Supplemental.

This past fortnight has been delightfully full.

A time of incredible contrasts.

First off the mark (Tuesday 19th May) was the Australian Chamber Orchestra Workshop we hosted at our school, which went off without a hitch. Much thought and preparation had occurred in advance, to determine everything was in place. The day began with the gathering of “the tribe” – so many of my favourite people in one place. The calmly professional Photographer. The supportive Boss. The encouraging salt-of-the-earth students’ Parents.

The first round of coffee was ordered.

The lovely ACO assistant arrived with her Clipboard and Run Sheet. I made it my business to anticipate her every wish JUST before she asked, to my private amusement and her apparent pleasant surprise.

“Excuse me, Kylie (timidly)…we need the stage set with Chairs and Music Stands”…

“Oh, that’s fine” says I (Royal-type waving of hand in vague direction)… “students are doing that as we speak”… as my Year 8 Minions (Cassie and loyal friends) set about shifting the furniture. And so on, as the day progressed – “Command Central” being the Barista Coffee Lounge.

There were 38 students in total, mainly from my String Orchestra, but also a handful of guests from 3 other local schools. I really liked the way the four ACO leaders played alongside the youngsters, and then broke up into sectional rehearsals, teaching each group the intricacies of their part, before coming together at the end.

Watching and hearing them play the very pieces of music that I had worked hard on teaching the students over the previous few weeks, it was like a different orchestra, with all the intricacies added by the professionals, including getting the kids to SLOW DOWN, relax, and feel the music in a way that is counter-intuitive to teenagers!

So, an extremely worthwhile experience for all concerned.

One of the aforementioned contrasts, then, was that the very next day the Auditorium was set up for an Interschool Chess Tournament, in which some of the music students competed…

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.49.41 pm

And then, on Thursday (2 days later), on the same stage we had High School Chapel (clocked by one Deputy Head at 105 Decibels) with guests “Hillsong Young and Free” from Sydney.

Surreal !

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.25.02 pm

On the home front, son James (10 ) brought home a dozen-page booklet of consent and medical forms and disclaimers on Monday for “Something I have to do on Wednesday”. It transpired that his Primary School had neglected to mention to him that he was to run in the Representative District Cross Country! (The same event that I knew that students at my school had been training for all year).

Being James, he went along and had a go. In a field of 120 runners, he finished 21st.

Imagine if he had actually done some training! What a great kid!


Not to be outdone, daughter Cassie turned 13 on the Wednesday. (She has pledged not to “Go Teenager” on me though). She had a very busy day including an Inter-school Debate. Here, her team of non-sporty Musicians were required to argue, “School Sport should be compulsory”.


Of course, they were allocated the affirmative side!

A couple of hours later, she was blowing out candles on a Birthday cake dressed in her “Unicorn Onesie”.


Unicorn cloud

No, I do not have boring children.

On a personal note, I have finally had some resolution to a long running conflict. It was not until my regular connection with the person in question finally came to an end, that I realised that [more than I had recognised] I had been living under a cloud, looking over my shoulder, keeping my distance and almost constantly being careful of what I said and did. (And not such a wondrous cloud as that pictured here!)

Now that weight has lifted, I feel like a bright ray of sunshine has broken through.


Then on Saturday, James sat a Scholarship Exam for the (Independent, Christian) school where I teach – and Cassie now attends. He was pretty satisfied with his efforts on the test. We are hoping and praying that he may be offered something, because he is increasingly unhappy at his Primary School for many reasons, including, I suspect, missing Big Sister, to whom he is very close.

The rest of the day was taken up with preparations for – and then the actual – Cassie’s Rainbow Birthday Party. A good time was had by all. But why do young teenagers feel the need to SHRIEK?

Monday, we introduced two new piano tutors to the students, performed with our new Middle School Choir at School Assembly, my Junior String Quartet played the good old Pachelbel Canon, we had a Planning meeting in the “Barista” (which I have decided is my new Natural Habitat), and auditioned a dozen wannabes for Music Scholarships.

All on my supposed day off.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 1.27.07 pm

Tuesday was School Open Day with associated rehearsals and performances. Wednesday and Thursday my husband was somewhat unwillingly at a Pastor’s conference – the unwilling part being to some extent that they unfailingly schedule this annual conference to clash with the famed “State of Origin” Rugby match. So without the ability to chauffer one kid each in different directions, I spent literally hours in the car doing long circles simply in double school runs.

So…have you had a quiet week?

Kylie xx

P.S. For those following along at home: My damaged, painful knee is much improved.

This could be due to:

  • The Power of Prayer
  • The Power of Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  • The Power of Coffee and Good friends
  • The wonder of gorgeous, helpful students.

In the tradition of Multi-choice tests, I’ll settle for “All Of the Above”.

ACO 2 - 190515


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