About the author:

  • I’m the quintessential Blonde, (with all that’s good and not so good about that…) and Mum to two vibrant younger blondes. 
  • “Bartsch” was my maiden name.
  • A failure at scone-making and wearing twinset and pearls in the front pew.


About Serendipity:

I began “Serendipity” for two reasons.

Firstly, because I have always loved to write, and indeed my first choice of Tertiary study was Journalism. (Although Life had other ideas for me).

Secondly, in answer to a challenge from a friend who had heard me moan one too many times about being stereotyped as “The Pastor’s Wife”. She pointed out that, as my now husband was a Seminary student when we met, I knew he was destined to be a Pastor, therefore, if I married him, I would become “The Pastor’s Wife”.

In her reasoning, I knew what I was geting myself into. Therefore I could “Shut up about it”.

Or, at least, write it down.

Hence, “Serendipity”.





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Reflections of a Reluctant Pastor’s Wife

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